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Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Description


Job title: Digital Marketing Specialist

Reporting to:  Head of Income Generation

Salary scale:

Managing: Marketing intern

Overall purpose of the job to work with the Head of Income Generation and our external marketing agency to plan, develop and implement all aspects of Trees for Life’s digital marketing strategy to reach more people, raise more funds, and build stronger relationships with our audiences. Key responsibilities and tasks include:


• Website: Managing our CMS; optimising SEO; ensuring content is up to date; has a consistent tone of voice; user journey is clear and performance of content is measured against clear KPI’s. 

• Content: Writing engaging content for a variety of audiences that is consistent with brand guidelines. Keeping up to date and informed about all aspects of Trees for Life’s work.

• Social Media: Planning and cordinating a schedule of activity across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and other platforms to expand our social media audience base.

• Advertising: Coordinating Pay-Per-Click advertising, online advertising, regularly reviewing and amending keywords and ad groups to optimise performance. In addition you will maintain our presence on third party sites, keeping all messaging current. 

• Email Marketing: Plan and manage a regular schedule of email marketing activity, growing our subscriber base and creating engaging, relevant content including testing to optimise results.

• Print:  To coordinate the printing and production of our magazine, leaflets, educational materials and some merchandise, including writing, editorial and proofing. Organising occasional print adverts.

• Brand Guidelines: To implement brand guidelines and ensure compliance in all areas of work.

• Reporting:  Monitor, report and analyse results to improve performance, using tools such as Google analytics and others, so that amendments and improvements can be made where appropriate

• Other:  Keeping up to date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement. Undertaking any other duties commensurate with the accountabilities of the post.  

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Job Description

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