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Here at Quantum Switch our company is continuously growing and we always are interested to make contact with both potential customers and new talent in the industry, as well as connecting with potential suppliers in the regions we are currently and potentially operating in.


If you are one of the above and wish to get in touch with us to discuss potential collaboration, follow the appropriate icon below and it will take you to the respective page.


Quantum Switch is at the forefront of digital transformation and has a demanding mechanical and electrical supply chain network requirement.


 If you think your company can support us in our development to build a robust supply chain, please get in touch following the button below.

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Data centres are a unique but complex technical real estate asset class. In our quest for speed to market. and our commitment to local, Quantum Switch are in search of local partners in our regions of operation.


If you are a landowner, developer, government or local fund, we would be pleased to speak with you.


We are always looking for talented team players across the globe to join us at Quantum Switch as we struggle to keep up with our explosive 400% headcount increase. We operate in many countries & continents across the world with potential careers in a variety of fields.


If you have Data Centre experience or would like to join our soon to be announced internship program, please get in touch.

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