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Our Green Mission

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Our Green Mission

Here at Quantum Switch, we are continuously working towards our sustainable development goals through the use of renewable energies & cutting edge technologies. Our unique approach combines comprehensive solutions & the best in class services to drive maximum optimisation and efficiency.  

Innovation is part of our DNA. Through smart design & smart technologies we are driving development onward. Going forward we are utilising elements like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IOT to develop sustainable and efficient digital infrastructure. 

100% Renewable

We will work thoroughly with regulators to ensure the use of 100% renewable energies at all of our data centre locations across the globe.


Our investment in 270MW of solar technology not only highlights our commitment to sustainability, but develops markets, expertise & skills at each of our sites. 


Our goal is to conduct & operate our data centres in the most environmentally positive manner possible as we build the digital infrastructure for the next billion users.

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Our Commitment

We are working closely with our partners, clients and supply chain to regularly review, deploy design and operation innovations to achieve an all encompassing holistic solution. 

We are committed to locales in our project development destinations, as we aim to create opportunities for local investors, landowners and partner businesses to benefit from cutting edge digital infrastructure in their regions.

Our Quantum Switch Goal

In line with international guidelines (Net Zero by 2050) we have an overall end goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions.
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