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Quantum Switch Celebrates Zak O'Sullivan's Triumphant Monaco Formula 2 Win!

Updated: May 27

Formula 2 - Monaco Grand Prix
Dutch Photo Agency

The legendary streets of Monte Carlo witnessed a truly remarkable feat this past Sunday at the Monaco Grand Prix. Quantum Switch is ecstatic to celebrate the incredible victory of our sponsored driver, Zak O'Sullivan, in the Formula 2 feature race!

The road to victory wasn't straightforward for Zak. Qualifying presented its own challenges, with him starting a daunting 15th on the grid. However, this young driver proved his resilience throughout the weekend. The Monaco F2 format includes a sprint race on Saturday, which offered Zak a chance to climb the ranks. While he didn't secure a podium finish, he delivered a solid performance, gaining valuable experience on the unforgiving circuit.

Zak racing in the rain at Monte Carlo Formula 2
Dutch Photo Agency

Sunday's feature race was where Zak truly came into his own. Opting for a bold one-stop strategy, Zak stretched his stint on the soft tires to a remarkable 40 laps. This gamble paid off handsomely when a late Virtual Safety Car emerged, perfectly aligning with his pit window. Zak emerged from the pits with a fresh set of tires and a prime opportunity. Capitalizing on the shuffled positions, he found himself leading the pack with just a handful of laps remaining. The tension was palpable as Isack Hadjar in second place mounted a fierce challenge. But Zak held his nerve, displaying impressive race craft honed through the weekend's races, to defend his position and cross the finish line first.

In the pits Formula 2 Monaco Grand Prix
Dutch Photo Agency

This Monaco victory is not just a win for Zak, but a testament to his relentless determination, his team's strategic brilliance, and the valuable experience gained throughout the qualifying and sprint races. It's a story of overcoming adversity, adapting to changing situations, and making the most of unexpected circumstances. At Quantum Switch, we are incredibly proud to be a part of Zak's journey and witness his meteoric rise in the Formula 2 championship.

Zak O'Sullivan Lifts the Trophy for Formula 2 Monaco GP feature race
Dutch Photo Agency

This win on the iconic streets of Monaco is a significant milestone for Zak's career. It showcases his potential to become a future star in Formula 1. His ability to think strategically, adapt to changing situations, and maintain composure under pressure are all qualities found in the greats of motorsport.

We at Quantum Switch are firmly behind Zak as he continues to push boundaries and chase his dreams in the Formula 2 championship. We do not doubt that he has many more podium finishes and victories to come.

Congratulations once again, Zak! The entire Quantum Switch team is cheering you on!

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