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Middle East: Covid Fuels Change

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The COVID pandemic has accelerated all digital trends worldwide

The COVID pandemic has accelerated all digital trends worldwide and even as consumers want to return to in-person visits to malls and markets, many remain keen to utilise digitally enabled ‘blended’ services including QR codes and touch-less payments, click and collect and online channels, that reduce unnecessary trips or face to face interactions.

Many brands in the Middle Eastern have invested in digital and omni-channel experiences and it seems likely that these will continue. All of this is driving a huge opportunity for data centres in the region.

"The burgeoning amounts of traffic, processing, data and cloud usage is making the Middle East one of the hottest markets for data centre investment."

Recent research from ReportLinker predicts 7% CAGR for data centre investments in the area.

Hyperscalers are increasingly looking to the region, both to support local markets and as international hubs. International businesses wanting to establish data centres in the region need to move fast to secure suitable sites, gain permissions and build facilities that can capitalise on this demand.

A rare combination of local knowledge and deep data centre expertise is needed to secure the right sites and build data centres suited to the specific requirements of the region. This include challenges around climate, cooling, connectivity and security which are specific to the Middle East. Building quickly, but with one eye on future expansion and the other on maintaining the highest levels of sustainability is crucial to establish a strong, stable and reliable foundation for the digital economies and societies of the Middle East.

Selecting the right partner at the outset will play a significant role in how successfully hyperscalers and other providers can respond to the demands of these dynamic markets and capitalise on the trends fuelling growth.

Quantum Switch is that partner.
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