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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Here at Quantum Switch we design, build & deploy secure, high-performance, flexible & scalable colocation Data Centres across the globe.  With our experienced and established Data Center team partnered with strategic partnerships, local expertise  and leading-edge design, we can help you build the foundation you need to meet your critical infrastructure needs in today's competitive digital economy. 

Partnership Driven

Quantum Switch data centres are built on local partnerships delivering to the local region.


Sustainable digital infrastructure and stimulating markets for renewable power.

Delivery & Connectivity 

Fast track delivery with expansion potential, carrier neutral operator to help you connect anywhere


Designed to be scalable, future-proofed, secure with hybrid-fabricated solutions.

2 X 9MW


6 X 50MW


3 X 18MW


What We Do

Quantum Switch applies disruptive thinking to drive new value through the design, build and operation of advanced data centres, in rapidly emerging markets across the world for digital services.


Deploying innovations in financing, land acquisition, design and construction, Quantum Switch can deliver high -security, high-performance, flexible colocation data centres where clients need them, when they need them.

Why Quantum Switch?

With unparalleled operations and connectivity, QS aims to be the leading developer of the digital infrastructure for the next billion online users across the globe. Sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness are at the forefront of our design and delivery for our customers.

Emerging markets across the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia desperately need high-quality digital infrastructure to support the next billion online users.



Focus is being placed on broad-scale digital transformation across verticals all over the world, the growing demand and substantial opportunities for development of local digital infrastructure is continuously boosting the need for capacity.


At Quantum Switch, we have ongoing and potential projects all over the world. We cover multiple locations across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South-East Asia & Australasia.


Quantum Switch Tamasuk

Middle-East Affiliate

Image by Muzammil Soorma

Quantum Switch Americas

Americas Affiliate

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