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Our Commitment to Green

Our mission at Quantum Switch is to minimize our carbon footprint, employ sustainable processes & materials, and decrease reliance on any form of fossil fuel whilst maintaining our standards to build resilient and efficient Data Centres. We can deliver effectively on this mission through coordinating our sustainable activities closely with our clients & supply chain to create a holistic community solution.

Solar Panels

Our Green Mission

Here at Quantum Switch, we are continuously working towards our sustainable development goals through the use of renewable energies & cutting edge technologies in the design, construction & operation of our Data Centre process.


Our unique approach combines comprehensive solutions & the best in class services to drive maximum optimisation and energy efficiency.  

Our Quantum Switch Goals

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Digital Innovation & Vision

Digital innovation is a core element of our company DNA. We aim to utilise sustainable technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & the Internet of Things in our Data Centres to develop a sustainable and efficient digital infrastructure.


Our current goals: To reduce water consumption, our diesel use & overall waste reduction whilst promoting biodiversity, renewable energy & a low PUE. 

On the search for excellence

Would you like to know more about our sustainability mission? Or think would could help? Contact us below

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